It is with sincere thanks and gratitude I offer an account of my experience working with Laura O'Dea of Assisted Living Locators in North Carolina.

I relocated from New Jersey to North Carolina a few months ago. Prior to my personal move, I needed to learn the options for a care facility for my mom. She is 94 years of age, and has issues associated with that geriatric age group.

Initially, I called the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, from whom I was referred to Laura. It is difficult to talk about the condition and needs of a loved one to a stranger, but after a few minutes in speaking with her I did not feel as if Laura was a stranger. I was comfortable speaking with her and that feeling of comfort was present the first and every time following the first time we met in person.

Following the initial phone conversation, Laura proceeded to use her multitude of resources and knowledge on my behalf. She arranged Assisted Living facility tours, all of which she had personally screened prior to my tour dates (and eliminated some from 'the list', knowing they would not be a good fit for my mom). Not having moved from NJ to NC as yet, the time available during my three 'visits' to the Charlotte area was limited. Laura arranged interviews and walk through tours with the marketing directors at eight different facilities.  In a couple of instances, she arranged a second visit.

I had no idea what questions to ask: Laura knew. I had no idea how to broach sensitive areas dealing with my mom's care needs: Laura knew. I had no idea regarding locations of each facility: not only did Laura know, but she drove me from one to the next. Knowing the resistance I might encounter when 'suggesting' an Assisted Living facility to my mom, Laura suggested various approaches I might employ.

As one might imagine, between the emotional strain and the time spent going from one facility to the next, details of each facility tended to merge. In the days following our tour dates, Laura sent summaries to refresh and clarify the particular advantages and disadvantages offered by each facility. If there were any special offers or incentives that came to light following out visits, Laura presented them to me (and there were several).

I am pleased to say, (after countless hours of research on Laura's part and multiple facility tours) I have found a wonderful Assisted Living facility for my mom.

When I started my search, I had no idea how proceed. Laura is where to start.

It is without reservation that I recommend Laura O'Dea of Assisted Living Locators in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Andrea - Charlotte, North Carolina